Herriot Country Tourism is offering Group Travel Organisers and Travel Trade Operators the opportunity to create ‘All Creatures Great and Small Trails’ for 2022.

The destination is experiencing unprecedented demand following the second series of the Channel 5 TV remake and the continuing popularity of the channel’s ‘The Yorkshire Vet’. An easy to follow ‘All Creatures Great and Small Trail’ document has been prepared with all the locations in Herriot Country that feature in the original books, films, BBC series and Channel 5 TV’s latest remake. The second series aired in Autumn 2021 and a Christmas special is on Channel 5 on 22nd December 2021. A third series is on the cards for 2022.

Herriot Country Tourism chairman, John Gallery, comments

“With Channel 5’s commitment to both the Yorkshire Vet and more series of All Creatures Great and Small, we are enjoying new demand from all age groups. This is an ideal opportunity for group travel organisers and travel trade operators to take advantage of that demand. With our ‘All Creatures Great and Small Trail’ suggestions, our partners in the area that welcome groups and local council authorities providing group friendly services such as coach parking and accessible toilets, there’s something for everyone” 

Herriot Country Tourism has held familiarisation visits to the area in the past and is planning a further one in spring 2022 when partners in the group will provide complimentary visits to attractions, hotels, restaurants and food and drink businesses in Herriot Country. Details will be announced at the Excursion Travel Show at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday 22nd January 2022. Interested GTO’s and Group Operators should contact John Gallery.

For further information Please contact: John Gallery, chairman, Herriot Country Tourism. c/o The World of James Herriot, 23 Kirkgate, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. 

Tel: 07967 032623 

Email: johngallery@herriotcountry.co.uk 

Website: www.herriotcountry.co.uk